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Le Bistro re-opens in Halifax

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Le Bistro re-opens in Halifax

HALIFAX—For the last decade, Le Bistro was closed, but the restaurant was far from forgotten.

The business, now owned by the restaurant’s former general manager Liz Ingram-Chambers, reopened this month and is already attracting “regulars” from 10 years ago.

Every second person that comes in says they used to come in years ago and tell me how happy they are that we’ve reopened,” Ingram-Chambers told Restaurant News.

The 3,600 square foot Le Bistro used to be one of the properties owned by RCR Hospitality before it was sold to a company called Energetic Foodservice. The company decided to take Le Bistro in a different direction, and Ingram-Chambers left to start up her own restaurant and catering business, as well as raising her son.

Fast forward a decade and she took a call from the building’s owners asking if she was interested in resurrecting the eatery in its original location on South Park Street. There is seating for 110 guests, split between the 6 bar stools and the casual lounge.

“It’s a very heartfelt project for me. It’s more then just a restaurant, it’s more than a job, it’s all about my customers and it’s my way of taking care of people. It gives me immediate gratification. It’s more than just food.”

Ingram-Chambers relayed a story about one of the restaurant’s old customers who came in and said how much she had missed the way staff made guests feel so welcome and like they were at home.

“Appreciation of the customer is something that’s been lost in foodservice,” she said.

Executive chef Brad Bowden, formerly with the Glen Arbour golf course, has brought back some of Le Bistro’s favourite menu items from a decade ago, but they have been “bumped up” with some finer touches.

Bowden’s signature dish is the Crepe Moroccan, a chicken crepe with sliced almonds and mandarin oranges in a curry sauce. Other menu items are mussels in a Chablis sauce, Beef Bourginion and the Le Bistro burger made from fresh Angus beef. Much of the food and ingredients served at Le Bistro is made fresh and sourced from local producers.

Diners are not limited to Bowden’s menu as he will prepare any item that a customer requests.

The wine list consists of an assortment wines heavy on French wines, available in a 6 oz for $7.00 or $ 8.00 or 9 oz portion for $10 and $11. They also sell Nova Scotian wine Benjamin Bridge Vero by the bottle.

Le Bistro, 1331 South Park Street, Halifax
Dinner for two, with wine: $64.00 before tax and gratuity.

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