Lunch & Dinner

Weekdays start 12-8pm / Friday 12-10 / Saturday 3-10 / Sunday 3-8
Chef’s Soupe du Jour

Fresh Plum Tomato Basil Soup. Add Parmesan $2.00

Soupe à L’Oignon Gratinée gf

A Bistro favourite. Onion soup topped with gourmet cheese croûte

Enhance your salad

Add protein

Chicken …………………… $6.00
Shrimp ……………………. $8.00
Scallops ………………….. $10.00
Oranges et Amandes gf, v

Mandarin oranges, sultanas, almonds, and crisp greens with a citrus vinaigrette.

Épinards gf, v

Spinach, egg, mushroom, bacon, cheese, and tomato with a warmed vinaigrette

Caesar gf, v

Fresh Romaine lettuce, roasted garlic croutons, smoked bacon, parmesan and housemade garlic dressing.

Hors D’Oeuvres
Homard Vol-au-vent

Fresh baked Vol-au-vent with Lobster in tarragon cream sauce.

Arancini v

Panko crusted risotto with grana Padano cheese in a bed of marinara

Pommes Frites v

Fries served like no other ! Tossed in malt vinegar dust with a side of roasted garlic aioli.

Plat au Fromage gf, v

Chef’s assorted cheeses, Genoa salami, condiments, and toast points.

Moules de L’Atlantique gf

Fresh East Coast mussels with classic Chablis sauce

Moules Frites gf

Daily offerings of 1/2 lb mussels with our house cut fries.

Escargots gf

À la Bistro: Wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese OR
Traditional: Stuffed mushroom caps, garlic butter, and melted cheese

Poulet aux noix de cajou gf

Juicy breaded chicken strips on a bed of spiced honey sauce with cashews.

Vestons de Patates v

Our famous undressed potato skins - $9.95 --- €7
Smothered in aged cheddar & bacon - $12.95 --- €9.5

Bruschetta gf, v

Toasted French baguette topped with ripe tomatoes, garlic onions topped with Parmesan cheese.

Crevettes geantes a l’ail gf, v

Jumbo Garlic Shrimp with peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes.

Cotes Levees au miel

Dry Rubbed baby back Ribs in a BBQ Honey sauce.

Bâtonnets de Courettes V-Thai Chili sauce

Crispy zucchini sticks served with a curry mayonnaise. Great for sharing !

Plat Légers
Pizza à croûte mince gf, v

Delicious 12” pizzas made from scratch in-house. Choose from the following:
Margherita with three cheeses, blistered cherry tomatoes, & basil.
Add Bacon $3.00 Add Peppers & Onions $2.00

Croque Monsieur gf, v

Our twist on the French classic. Cured prosciutto, provolone cheese, and caramelized onions sandwiched between two slices of fried, egg-dipped baguette. Served with choice of side

Poisson et Frites

Fresh haddock battered in French draught beer, served with hand cut fries, housemade coleslaw, and tartar.

Le Burger du Bistro gf

Char-broiled, housemade Angus beef patty on a brioche bun. Topped with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and Pommery mustard mayo. Served with choice of side. Add Bacon $3.00

Pot-au-feu gf

Our famous Caesar salad topped with grilled scallops, and shrimp.

Minestrone Fruits de Mer gf

A hearty, tomato-based seafood stew full of vegetables, shrimp, scallops, haddock, and penne.

Club Paris gf

Grilled chicken, bacon, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and roasted garlic aioli on soft pretzel baguette. Served with choice of side.


Served with house salad

Crêpe Fruits de Mer à la Florentine v

Scallops, shrimp, salmon, vidalia onion, and spinach in a rich Béchamel sauce.

Crêpe Marocaine v

Chicken with sultanas, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and mandarin oranges topped with a delicate curry sauce.


Upgrade your side

Lobster Fried Rice +$8.00
Caesar Salad +$3.00
Orange Almond Salad+$3.00
Spinach Salad +$3.00
Dressed Potato Skins +$3.00
French Onion Soup +$7.00
Vegetables +$2.00
Aioli ……….. $1.50
Parmesan ………… $2.00
Bacon ………… $3.00
Cheese ………… $2.00
Legumes du jour ……… $6.00
Extra bread loaf ……. $2.00
Demi Gravy ………… $3.00

Charges may apply to
gluten-free options.

Bread Slice ……………. $1.00
Sandwich ……………….. $2.00
Pizza Crust ……………. $3.50
Penne Carbonara gf

Penne tossed in a creamy bacon & egg sauce with garlic, green onions and parmesan.

Spaghettini Aglio e Olio gf, v

Fine spaghettini tossed in garlic, olive oil , parsley and Parmesan with spicy chilies.

Poulet Curry a l'Erable gf

Chicken Curry penne a hint of maple with peppers & onions.

Enhance your pasta

Add protein

Chicken …………………… $6.00
Shrimp ……………………. $8.00
Scallops ………………….. $10.00
Gluten Free Penne Noodles $2.00
Add Tomato Sauce $1.00
Jarret D’Agneau gf

Braised, bone-in lamb shank topped with mint demi. Served on mashed potato with légumes du jour.

Coquilles St. Jacques gf

Seared Digby scallops in a rich Velouté sauce with mushrooms, green onions, and duchess potatoes.

Poulet Marsala gf

Supreme of Chicken baked and topped with marsala mushroom sauce served with mashed potato and legumes du jour.

Boeuf Bourguignon

Beef tenderloin tips stewed in a rich broth of smoked bacon, garlic, vidalia onions, and mushrooms served on mashed potato.

Saumon Poelle gf

Pan Seared Salmon topped with Maple Bourbon glaze on a bed of Lobster fried rice.

Filet de Boeuf gf

Hand-cut AAA 7oz beef tenderloin with savoury red wine demi. Served with légumes du jour and mashed potatoes or frites. Top with melted Roquefort cheese OR Side mushrooms OR Side onions add $4.00

Haddock au Citron gf, v

Fresh haddock, lightly floured topped with lemon butter. Served on rice pilaf with légumes du jour. Substitute Lobster Fried Rice $8.00

Haddock au Citron gf, v

Blackened Style

Risotto aux fruits de Mer gf

Seafood Risotto lobster, shrimp & scallops, fresh peas, & arugula with a hint of lemon

v Vegetarian version available upon request. Option may include seafood.
gf Gluten-free version available upon request. Charges may apply.