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restaurant_logo Le Bistro re-opens in Halifax HALIFAX—For the last decade, Le Bistro was closed, but the restaurant was far from forgotten. The business, now owned by the restaurant’s former general manager Liz Ingram-Chambers, reopened this month and is already attracting “regulars” from 10 years ago. Every second person that comes in says they used to come in years ago and tell me how happy they are that we’ve reopened,” Ingram-Chambers told Restaurant News.

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halifax-mag Haligonians love comfort food but we don’t necessarily want to dress to the nines to get it. That blissful feeling of being home, dressed down and getting away from it all, is exactly the ambience that restaurateur Liz Ingram-Chambers is hoping to recreate in her new take on an old and popular Halifax haunt, Le Bistro. Which is, once again, occupying the same bottom corner of the Park Victoria, on the corner of South Park and Clyde streets.

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Le Bistro is Full with Reservations for Mothers Day Brunch
No more on Line reservations will be accepted.
Thank You see you another time.