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The Halifax Restaurateurs: Le Bistro Sticks With Tradition Under Liz – Article By Jordan Parker

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Liz Ingram-Chambers greets an elderly couple, helping the gentleman with his walker. She asks how they’re doing, bringing them past the foyer and into her restaurant with the same grace and interest she’d possess if they were her own family. Ingram-Chambers has spent the better part of her life with customers like these. Le Bistro By Liz, the restaurant on South Park Street is a staple, as much her home as anywhere else.

“I’ve been here six-and-a-half years for Le Bistro By Liz, but the original Bistro opened way back in 1976,” she said

She was a server for the original owner, Robert Risley, in the early 1990s and a manager by 1993.

“Within a year-and-a-half of working here, I had my first daughter. I came back when she was three weeks old, and she’d sleep in the atrium while I’d do paperwork and get the restaurant ready to open.”

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